From Cork to Santiago

Because of the blog format, it starts with the ending! Not ideal for a story, a scroll will take you to the start.

Taking the plunge!

Cork – St Jean Pied de Port In the weeks leading up to my departure, even though I longed for what I hoped the experience would bring, I was filled with fear about travelling alone, and if my flight had not already been booked, I might have backed out. Each night before bed, as I … Continue reading

Guided by Intention

On my first night in St Jean Pied de Port I walked around to get a feel of the town and to shop for provisions for the 27k trek across the Pyrenees in the morning. Then on my way back to the municipal albergue (pilgrim hostel) I noticed the church and I decided to enter. … Continue reading

Day 34: Lavacolla – Santiago and Goodbye

I left the hotel joyfully in the morning, knowing that I was walking the final ten kilometres to Santiago. On the way I met the three amigos (Frank, Jill and Brett) and we stopped at Monte de Gozo, five kilometres from Santiago, to catch a glimpse of the city below. An hour or so later … Continue reading

Day 33; Ribadiso – Lavacolla – 32 km

I set out knowing I was on schedule to arrive in Santiago the following day with just forty-two kilometres remaining. What I really wanted was to arrive in time for pilgrim Mass at midday. It was important to me that I arrive in my walking clothes with my rucksack straight from the Camino to take … Continue reading


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Day 31; Portomarín – Palas de Rei – 24.8 km

The day started with drizzle and progressed into full-blown rain within an hour or two, and I was back into full rain gear. While some people scurried for shelter I ploughed ahead. Then I realised, much to my dismay, that my waterproof boots were not in fact waterproof! They coped well with showers but were … Continue reading

Day 30; Sarria – Portomarín – 22.4 km

In the morning I left shortly after 6 a.m. while the Limerick and Spanish contingent slept on. Outside the albergue I met Jim, Richard’s dinner companion from the night before. While we talked, we lost our way in the darkness, but doubled back before we got into too much trouble. Soon we were tangled up … Continue reading

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